Air Filters Change Time

Spring 2018 Notice

Happy Spring to everyone. Just a few notes to provide.

  • If you are in need of blinds please contact me, we charge $5 per blind installed.
  • We will be doing our quarterly filter changes on April 27, 2018 starting at approximately 9am. Please ensure all pets are secured that morning. If you change your own filters please email or call and we can leave a filter at your door or skip your unit.
  • If you are a pet owner, please pick up after your pets. When possible, have your pets do their business in our own yard. I have recently received a few complaints of pet waste in yards where the tenants are not pet owners.
  • Please ensure I have current contact information including phone and email contacts. If you have any maintenance needs, please contact me.

1501 Fox Run Dr. Columbia, MO. 65202
573-474-5555 Ofc 573-474-2161 Fax