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Air Filters Change Time

September 1, 2015


Dear Fox Run Tenants,


Once again, it is time to change furnace filters in the Fox Run units.  Our plan is to do this on Thursday, September 3.  Our Maintenance team will be changing the filters.  If you have a pet that will be aggressive or stressed by our entering the home please secure them in a bedroom or carrier.  If you change your own filters please let me know


If you have moved in the past couple of months, you will not have to have new filters, they have already been changed.


In the past week, we’ve had two criminal (Updated: the person seemingly responsible for both incidents was apprehended)  incidence regarding property crime. This brings the total to 3 over the past 5+yrs. Fox Run has in the past been a very quiet neighborhood.  Please be vigilant in securing your property and please contact us or CPD if you see any suspicious persons in the neighborhood. If there is interest in re-starting a neighborhood watch program I would be happy to facilitate.


Just a reminder of some day to day things!

  1. Please secure all belongings in car, this should include your garage door opener if you park outside. Also, please ensure your lights are functioning properly outside.
  2. On trash days please secure any loose items. It seems that most Thursdays the wind picks up and carries trash through Fox Run ending up down on the north end. Please be considerate of your neighbors.
  3. Please pick up all dog waste and dispose of appropriately. This means bagging it and placing it in the trash for pick up on Thurs. There are also pick up services available. Please contact for more information
  4. Lastly, if you’ve changed your phone or email lately, please be sure to contact us to update your contact info.


If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact Scott via email or call/text 573-567-0898.




Carbon Monoxide Detetors

We have carbon monoxide detectors here at the office. If you’d like one now, feel free to stop by for them and instructions.


I will also be scheduling a day in July to install them in all units. They will be installed in all dwelling areas. 2bdrs will only have them upstairs. The 3bdrs will have one both downstairs and upstairs.


I will post the date here and in your mailboxes.



Update to Rules and Regulations

We recently reviewed our Rules and Regulations and have applied some updates. I will be putting those in everyone’s mailbox over the next week.

The following are the highlighted changes from previous versions.

Section 3 Parking Lot added the following: Please ensure any cars on the premise are in working order and are not a visual nuisance.

Section 5 added the following: Do not store any waste containers or other non-decorative items in front of the unit. 

Smokers: please dispose of all cigarette butts in proper containers, these are very hard to pick up from the grass. 

Section 6 Pets added the following: Before you acquire any pets, please contact the office first.   When your pets are outside they need to be under your supervision at all times.   We do not allow pets to be chained outside, no dog runs, no kennels and no pet to be tethered outside. Owners are required to keep their yards clear of dog waste. Fox Run can offer dog cleaning service for a small fee.  

Section 9 Maintenance and Repairs added/changed the following:  In your request please include your email address, other pertinent contact information, and a description of the problem. Service requests can be sent via text or email:

Section 18 added the following: Tenants wishing to install a passive alarm system must notify the Landlord and receive permission before installation. By no means shall any implement be used to physically block any doors while unit is vacant. In the event of an emergency, the Landlord requires un-hindered access to any unit. 

A Full version can be found here