Tips and Advice

Filters- If you want to have the cleanest air and the quietest HVAC system change your filters monthly. We change them approximately on a quarterly basis but this by no means you can’t change it more frequently. This will save you on your utility bills.

Garbage disposals- Run it on a regular basis to keep the drain tube cleared of any debris. Debris can cause odors to seep through the sink drain. This will also keep the dishwasher from backing up due to any blockage. Additionally put a cup of ice into the disposal every couple of weeks to keep the blades sharp. This will also help to clear out any debris since it’ll be cut into smaller pieces.

Electrical- Avoid using high amp/wattage equipment on the same outlets. A small hair dryer coupled with a curling iron can trip the GFI and shut down the outlet. Please keep this in mind when using a standalone freezer. Be cognizant of where it’s plugged in and if there is another outlet that is fequently used for other high output appliances.



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